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  • Funding Consultation, School Fund, Year 10 Parents' Consultation, Parental Survey, House Events and Upcoming Events

    Published 24/03/17, by Admin
    Funding Consultation Thank you to all the parents that contacted their MP’s and completed the funding consultation.  Certainly the outcry over funding for schools has frequently been in the news.  Hopefully, Justine Greening has h
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  • School Fund Request, International Evening, Safeguarding, Governors and Forthcoming Events

    Published 10/03/17, by Admin

    School Fund Request

    At a recent funding meeting in School several parents had reported that they had not seen the request for School Fund for the academic year 2016-17.  The request went out in a previous email.

    The request is for £5 a month or £60 a year per student.  This can be paid by Parent Pay or by standing order.

    Currently, we have received £5,216 which is very short of the £49,200 we could expect if everyone made their contribution.  As you can imagine this means that we cannot do some of the things that we have planned in order to benefit your daughters/sons.  I would be very grateful if parents would pay the amount indicated as this really would help in enhancing the curriculum and premises.

    No doubt, parents are aware that there is a funding crisis in education and we at the school are working hard to provide the very best education for students in our care.

    International Evening

    What a fantastic celebration of our different cultures last night!  I was delighted to see so many students taking part showing off their linguistic skills.  I wish to thank Isobel, Harrison, Charlotte and Emily for organising such a fantastic evening.

    Thank you also to the parents for their support, especially as the students were collecting money for the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).  I will let you know in my next email how much was collected. 

    Safeguarding Policy and Early Offer of Help

    Please be aware that the above two documents are on our website so please read them to see how we fulfil our responsibility concerning Safeguarding.  The policies can be found on:

    Menu/Parental Information/Policies.


    The Governors are looking for people with skills in Marketing, HR or Buildings to join the Governing Body.  If anyone can offer these skills and is prepared to sit on the Governing Body then please email

    Forthcoming Events

    • Tuesday, 14th March, World Challenge meeting Years 10 and 11 in the Hall at 6.30pm.
    • Tuesday, 4th April, Leavers’ Concert in the Hall at 7.00pm.
    • Friday, 28th April, Birthday Celebration in Gloucester Cathedral at 2.00pm.

    With best wishes

    Ewa Sawicka, Headteacher

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  • Parents' Funding Meeting, Mental Health and PTA News

    Published 24/02/17, by Admin
    Dear Parents/Carers MEETING ABOUT FUNDING AT THE HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS IN THE SCHOOL HALL AT 6.00 PM ON TUESDAY, 28TH FEBRUARY This meeting has been called to discuss the future funding situation that will affect the High School for Girls. 
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  • National Funding Formula, National Holacaust Memorial, Safeguarding, Junior Chamber Concert, INVEST Day and Future Events

    Published 03/02/17, by Admin
      National Funding Formula You may have read in the press the issues that many schools will be facing in Gloucestershire as a result of the National Funding Formula.  You can read about my concerns here. Holocaust Memorial Day
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  • Collection of Students, Latest Newsletter, Charity Concert, Carol Service, Staff Changes

    Published 16/12/16, by Admin

    I was delighted to write the introduction to the latest newsletter which is packed with interesting articles about events that have occurred within and beyond school over the last six weeks.  Please read about what the students have been up to besides their lessons.  I am always amazed by the sheer volume of activities that occur and am grateful to the staff for organising the events and trips

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  • Charity Concert, Dining Hall Extension, Furniture for the Dining Hall and Carol Concert.

    Published 09/12/16, by Admin

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • Remembrance Assembly, Time to celebrate, Dining Hall, INVEST Day, Sponsorship of Houses and Trips and Visits

    Published 28/11/16, by Admin
    It has continued to be very busy over the last few weeks with a variety of activities occurring such as the Remembrance Day assembly.  The assembly focussed on the Battle of the Somme and the horrific conditions in which the soldiers found thems
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  • 'Dig-in' Saturday, 12 November

    Published 14/11/16, by Admin

    A huge thank you to all the staff, parents and students who came on Saturday for the “Dig In”. 

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  • House Drama, Sponsorship of the Houses, Dining Hall Extension, PTA Donation, Furniture for the Dining Hall, School Fund and Future Dates.

    Published 26/10/16, by Admin
    House Drama Last week students once again had the opportunity to complete a House event.  This time it was House Drama.  This event is clearly a tradition of the school and has been in existence since April 1933. The Houses competed t
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  • House System, Sponsorship, School Fund, Dining Hall, Role of a Lifetime & Songs of Praise

    Published 07/10/16, by Admin

    The weeks are going past very quickly and the school has been busy with a number of different activities.

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  • Prize-giving, Welcome Evening for Year 10, School Parliament, House System, PTA AGM, Dining Room Build and Open Morning/Evening

    Published 23/09/16, by Admin

    Time seems to be going by very quickly and already we are going into the last week of September

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  • Welcome, Results, PTA AGM, School times, Dining hall extension, Year 12 Welcome evening

    Published 09/09/16, by Admin

    Welcome to a new academic year.  I hope everyone had a good holiday over the summer.  A particular welcome to all the new parents of students.

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