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High School For Girls

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A Day in the Life

The Sixth Form prepares you for the more independent learning style that comes with a university course. The supportive and friendly environment makes the stress of exams as bearable as it can be and allows you to feel part of the Sixth Form community.

In a day there are five one hour lessons and the number of lessons that I have in a day ranges from one to five. On Friday, all Sixth Formers are encouraged to take part in a lesson of recreational PE, if they don’t do Competitive Sport. This can be a variety of sports, for example I have done netball, volleyball, handball and much more. This provides the opportunity to relax and have fun with friends, along with helping you to keep active.

My typical day begins in the Common Room where I have time to chat and catch up with friends, before heading to Registration. The tutor bases consist of some Year 12s and Year 13s. This provides an opportunity for the two years to come together and for the existing Year 13 students to give the Year 12s some tips, from experience, for how to achieve the best grades possible and maintain a good work-life balance during the two year A Level course.

After Registration, I either have a lesson or a Study period.  Taking Maths, Physics and Chemistry means that my lessons are often a mixture of written work and experiments.  We are given the chance to do as many past paper questions as possible in order to understand the areas needed for improvement, which is extremely useful.  All of the classes that I have are small which is great, because it means that you receive great support from the teachers and if you are struggling in certain areas they will be able to pick up on it quickly and help you.

High School Sixth Form Iceland Trip 2015

If I have a Study period, I spend lots of my time in the Sixth Form Computer Room as it allows me access to my school emails and I can check the Google sites for work set for some of my teachers.  The Sixth Form Study Area in the LRC also provides a quiet place to complete any homework or revision if I need to do.  If I want to do a bit of work and chat at the same time I will spend these study periods in the Common Room.

Break time and lunchtime consist of a range of activities from going out to get some food, visiting the much loved Tuck Shop in the Sixth Form area or attending one of the many co-curricular activities that are on offer. For example, I attend STEM club once a week where there are a variety of projects that all of the students can take part in. Lunchtime is also a time where many teachers willingly give up their time to help you with anything you are struggling with.

After lunch, we return to our tutor groups where there are different activities planned for each day.  For example; writing our personal statements for our UCAS applications, designing and painting form canvases, discussing current news and attending assemblies and House meetings.  Then there is the final lesson to finish the day.