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The government is in the process of changing the delivery and content of A Levels.  Some subject specifications have changed for 2015, others will change in 2016 and still others in 2017.  This therefore means that students will sit AS examinations at the end of Year 12 in some subjects (those on current specifications), but are unlikely to in others (new specifications).  Whilst AS Levels will exist for these new specification subjects, sitting these does not count towards the full two year A Level (as it does under the current system). Our current stance is that we see no educational or personal benefit to students in routinely sitting AS examinations if they count for nothing.  We are therefore advising students that they are opting for four subjects at this stage, and decisions about entry to A Level examinations will be taken at a later date.

All students have timetabled lessons and ‘free’ study periods each week, with the exact construction of their timetable depending on the different choice of subjects they have made.  We expect our students to become independent learners during their time in the Sixth Form, and, with our support and guidance, to achieve a seamless transition from GCSE to A Level and beyond.  If a student does struggle to manage the transition from GCSE to A Level study themselves, additional support is given by the Sixth Form team to enable them to take on this responsibility themselves.

For the academic year 2017-18 we are asking students wishing to join us in our Sixth Form to opt for four subjects from the following list (and subject to availability across the pools): (This will be available soon).  

Subject Pages for 2017-19 are below: