A Day in the life of a Sixth Former



Life as a Sixth-Former at the High School is an enriching experience both intellectually and socially. The High School is full of opportunities which, if you embrace them, can provide you with (in my opinion!) the best education possible.

Having been at the High School since Year 7, some of the most obvious differences I have noticed between Sixth Form and Main School include the change in attitude towards independent study and the expectation for students to take responsibility for their own learning.  Being in the High School Sixth Form encourages students to cultivate a mature, organised approach to their work, which is good as it prepares them for university and the working world.  We are treated as young adults, which I think is a definite incentive to act like an adult too!

The average day for me consists of two or three lessons, one or two free periods and maybe an hour of enrichment, which I spend studying Latin or playing netball; however, there are many other enrichment options available, such as Photography or the Performing Arts.

I take Music, English Literature, French and German.  The classes are fairly small, which is good as it is possible to discuss our work in more depth with the teachers; thus  it often seems more like a university tutorial where we can challenge and develop our own ideas. Being a language student also includes going to conversational classes with native speakers.   This is really enjoyable as it is really relaxed and just like having a chat!

Free periods are another big part of Sixth Form life as they allow students to make their own choices about how they work. Aside from the common room (where people usually go if they want to work and chat) there is a part of the Library designated for silent study, which is another ‘Sixth Form Study Area’.  Although there is always the temptation to just talk with my friends, I very soon realised that if I wanted to relax and go out at the weekend, it was a lot better to get the majority of my work out of the way at school.

I am very glad that I chose to stay on at the High School after GCSE’s, as I feel that Year 12 so far has helped me in many ways.  Not only have I started taking a more sensible approach to my learning, but the teachers at the High School have really encouraged and inspired me to achieve the best that I can.

By Ellie Neate 13 SFKK

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