The House system at the High School is an essential part of the school community and provides friendly but fierce competition for all students to get involved in. Dating back to October 1923, the long-lasting House legacy still stands strong today.

The five Houses are named after prominent people in the school’s past:

The House system was originally set up to enable the students to realise that they were part of a community and to give opportunities for responsibility and leadership for older students. This is still the case today.

Students can feel pride and camaraderie within their House which allows for a competitive spirit that means a huge amount of support for those performing for the House. Although the House system allows for competition, all the Houses and House Officials work amazingly well together and help each other out in order to organise the best House events we can. It’s a brilliant way to connect the school and have a buzz of excitement at all the events.

Kate Marriott, House Captain of Bearland

All Year 7 students, other new entrants to the school and staff are allocated to a House. If anyone joining the school has a particular association with a House, for example, through sisters, mothers, grandmothers, brothers being in the House, then they are allocated that House.

House meetings occur each term. Each house annually elects a House Captain and Secretary, as well as a Drama or Music Captain and a Sports captain.

I will never regret taking up the post of House Captain – the sense of joy, achievement and pride regardless of who the victors are is an unforgettable and truly rewarding experience!

Margret Pang, House Captain of Mynd

Each year the Houses compete in a House Drama or Music competition, as well as in Sporting events, such as a Sports’ Day and a Swimming gala. House points are also awarded for the number of merits received by House members. This year Kyneburga won the House Music competition.

House Music Competition, October 2015
This year the Houses also competed against each other in a paintballing competition. Again Kyneburga were victorious.

House Competitions

Being a House Captain has really allowed me to feel more a part of the school. The House, Sports and Music Captains and Secretaries all work amazingly together to try to do the best we can in the House events and all our efforts always pay off.

Sports day is buzzing with so much House pride and lots of picnics, while House Music really shows how much talent the students have. However, my favourite part of being a House Captain is when all the House officials from all the Houses pull together and help each other out, because it shows that although we would love a trophy, having a tight knit group of officials to create the best events possible in the school is the most valuable thing.

Hannah Hughes, House Captain of Kyneburga