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A Day in the Life


The Sixth Form prepares you for the more independent learning style that comes with a university course. The supportive and friendly environment makes the stress of exams as bearable as it can be and allows you to feel part of the Sixth Form community.

In a day there are five one hour lessons and the number of lessons that I have in a day ranges from one to five. On Friday, all Sixth Formers are encouraged to take part in a lesson of recreational PE, if they don’t do Competitive Sport. This can be a variety of sports, for example I have done netball, volleyball, handball and much more. This provides the opportunity to relax and have fun with friends, along with helping you to keep active.

A typical day at the High School Sixth Form starts off in the common room which gives you chance to relax, catch up with your friends or even make a morning coffee in the Sixth Form kitchen before heading to Registration. Our tutor groups are a mix of Year 12 and 13 which gives us the opportunity to get to know the other Sixth Formers. We can also ask questions about A Levels, University Applications or any tips that Year 13 may have that will help us throughout the two years.

There are five 1-hour periods per day which begin after registration and may either be a lesson, a study period or a ‘Ninth Assessment Lesson’ which is an extra hour for each of our subjects every other week. The ninth lesson is a useful new addition to our two-week timetable which provides us with time to complete a task set by the teacher or take a Mid/End of Term Assessment without having to use up our valuable lesson time.

We also get at least six study periods per week (depending on whether you take three or four A Levels) which are very beneficial in helping to achieve our five hours of independent study per week for each subject. During these periods, you can go to the Sixth Form Study Area in the library or the Sixth Form Computer Room which provide a quiet space with computers and laptops just for Year 12 and 13.

After the first two periods, we have a 20-minute break when we can visit the tuck shop to buy a snack and have a well-earned rest after working hard in lessons!

Next, there are two more periods before lunch which may be one of your subject lessons. Most of our lessons take place over two hours however the teachers always make them disappear quickly by ensuring they are enjoyable and interesting. Studying Maths, Biology, PE and EPQ also means I get to do range of different activities from Binomial Expansion in Maths to dissecting a heart in Science. Class sizes are small, ranging from five to 15, which allows you to be given maximum support from the teacher and creates a comfortable environment for all of the students to work and help each other. As well as receiving support in lesson time, the teachers are happy to organise extra sessions to ensure we fully understand and feel confident in every subject. Miss Leathart and her Sixth Form team are also regularly available to discuss any concerns that we may have, whether it is academic or pastoral.

During lunchtime, many Sixth Formers take a short walk to the local Tesco or treat themselves to a burger and chips from the well-loved Gloucester Grill down the road. If you don’t feel like going out, the Sixth Form kitchen is equipped with microwaves, toasters and a kettle which students often use to make their Pot Noodle, soup or even the occasional curry. As I am a member of Senior Choir, I go to a rehearsal on Thursday lunchtimes where we practice for upcoming school concerts. There are also many other clubs you can attend during lunchtime such as STEM Club, Debate Club and Orchestra.

After lunch, we have afternoon registration where we may go to assembly, take part in a form quiz or have mentoring with our tutor. Being an Assistant Prefect, I visit my allocated form group once a week during registration and spend time with some of the younger students. This is a great opportunity to create links between Sixth Form and the younger year groups as well as developing our own leadership and communication skills.

To finish the day, we have one last period which on Wednesdays is sport. This is optional however many Sixth Formers enjoy going out to play Netball, Rugby, Football or Rounders even if it’s just recreationally! As I am part of the Netball team, we often participate in competitive matches on a Wednesday afternoon where we play against other local schools.

During last period on a Thursday, Sixth Formers are given the opportunity go to Work Experience or take part in the Invest Programme, where we are given a choice of four activities. I chose Sports Leaders which involves visiting a local Primary School to organise and lead activities with the children.

The school day finishes at 3:30 when students head home to complete homework and Independent Study, but of course still have time to pursue any hobbies and for some – driving lessons!

The transition from GCSEs to A Levels is undoubtedly a large step, however every day at the High School Sixth Form is fun and enriching due to the friendships between students and the dedicated teachers who work hard to help you make the most of your time here at this wonderful school.