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House Biology

During March, students in Year 9 and Year 10 are given the opportunity to compete in House Biology. Students do this by completing the “Biology Challenge”, which is a national competition set by the Society of Biology. This tests students on their understanding of Biology from school and their background knowledge from outside of school.

In the House event, points were awarded for taking part, and additional points will be awarded for achieving Gold, Silver, Bronze, Highly Commended or Commended certificates. The results have not yet been released by the Society of Biology, but the number of competitors from each house is shown below:


 No. of students 











Below are the views of some of the students who took part:

Starting on the 13th March, many Year 9 and 10 students partook in the House Biology Competition run by the Royal Society of Biology.  It consisted of two papers, 25 minutes each. We had to answer a range of questions from cell structure to the identification of skulls.  The questions were challenging and included calculations, identification and general knowledge. We found the questions to be testing but also very enjoyable as it enabled us to see examples of what we will learn in the future. We look forward to next year's house biology. Good luck to all the houses and may the best house win! 

Charlotte Patient and Suraya Ali (Year 9)

House Biology was a great competition that pushed us and tested our knowledge massively! It involved spending just two lunchtimes to complete two exam-style papers on the computers that were about a wide range of topics like the food chain, photosynthesis, the human body and lots more. As nerve-wracking as it sounds, it was actually really fun because afterwards we could discuss answers and at the end of it all we got a certificate and levels - commended, highly commended, bronze, silver and gold. We were slightly worried at the concept of competing against students from all across the UK but we found it exciting, challenging and I think it was especially great fun for the competitive ones! Overall we loved the house spirit that came with it and we all can't wait to get back our results!

Camille Shelmerdine, Becky Pinnock, Fliss Townend and Hannah Harding (Year 9)

Taking part in the Biology Challenge informed us about the range of topics that could involve the subject. We had to spend two 25-minute sessions over the course of a week to complete the challenge. As well as helping our biology general knowledge, it also improved our independent learning and time management. Although it was quite difficult, we tried our best and hope we did well!

Anna O’Driscoll and Mary Stone (Year 10)