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KS3 Science

Students are taught by one teacher in Year 7.  This enables the student and teacher to build a good relationship and the teacher is able to get to know each student well.  Six topics are studied in Year 7, which span the three traditional scientific disciplines, including acids, matter, reproduction, speed, adaptations and space. Within these topics a wide range of fun teaching strategies and activities are employed and students are encouraged to become independent learners.  Students are taught key experimental skills, accurate use of scientific language, and how science works in relation to discoveries, industry and the environment.  Students are assessed using a mid-topic task (from which targets are set), an end of topic test and if relevant, a practical task.

In Year 8, the students have two teachers.  The range of topics has recently been updated to give a broader curriculum.  New topics, such as genetics, have been added to traditional topics such as light, sound, atoms, health and photosynthesis.

In Year 9, the students are taught by three teachers; one each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Due to the large content demand, students will start studying for their GCSE courses.  Students currently in Year 9 will complete the new GCSE specifications, which are under development.

KS4 Science

Students can choose to take either three separate Sciences or Dual Award Science. Most students usually opt to study the three individual subjects, but choosing to study Dual Award Science does not preclude students from later studying Science A Level courses.

Dual Award Science is taught by three specialist teachers. Students take exams in the three sciences separately, which are taken at the end of Year 11.

For current KS4 students, the content taught in Year 10 contributes to a GCSE Core Science, whilst the content from Year 11 contributes to a GCSE in Additional Science.

Students currently in Year 9 will complete the new GCSE specifications, which are under development.